Pre-Apprenticeship Training Programs

Gas Technician 2 Training Program in Cambridge

If you wish to work on gas fired equipment, whether residential, commercial or industrial, you must first be certified by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). The Gas Technician 2 certificate program, based on the TSSA’s curriculum, will teach you piping, appliances, heating systems, and venting practices, as well as business practices to provide you with a well-rounded approach to working in the field as a gas technician. At the end of the course, TSSA certification exams are administered ensuring that you are current with TSSA standards. An additional fee of $170.00 will be charged to challenge the TSSA exam at the completion of the course.

The Gas Technician 2 program is a continuation of the Gas Technician 3 modules, plus additional training on specific gas fired equipment. Gas Technician 2 certification requires successful completion of modules 10-24. These are prerequisites for future certification training. The Gas Technician 2 certificate can be renewed and allows technicians to work unsupervised on appliances. They may install, inspect, alter, purge, activate, repair, service or remove a natural gas or propane appliance that has an input of 400,000 BTUH or less and the equipment and accessories essential to its operation.

Students who complete our structured Pre-Apprenticeship course will receive theory instruction together with the hands-on training methodology taught by highly trained instructors. Areas of study include; basic electricity, venting systems, air handling, advanced piping and tubing, building as a system and hydronic heating systems

Program length: 480 hours