Frame Scaffolding Safety

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Scaffolding in Ontario is defined as a temporary structure usually made of metal tubing which provides support for workers and materials used in construction, maintenance and repair as well as demolition work. Today, scaffolding remains one of the most serious problem areas in the skilled construction trades. This is due to the high frequency and severity of incidents reported.

Despite the dangers it poses, however, working on a scaffold can be straightforward and safe if everyone involved follows procedures.

Provincial and federal occupational safety laws outline specific duties and responsibilities for employers, supervisors and workers. Knowing the rules and regulations is in everyone’s best interest.

General Safety Requirements:

  • Incident prevention begins with planning and selecting the right scaffolding system for the job. This is usually an employers responsibility which requires a basic knowledge about the site conditions and the type of work to be done. 
  • Because there are scaffold frames with different load rated capacities available for sale or rent it is important to ensure that the scaffolding delivered to the site meets the demands for the job required.
  • The Work Place Health and safety Act requires the employer to ensure that all commercially manufactured scaffolding is erected, used and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and the employer must appoint a trained and experienced worker to supervise.


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