How Green Technology Will Affect Your Maintenance Electrician Career

sun energy
sun energy

In recent years, there’s been an upswing of Federal and Provincial mandates and building code regulations that call for the use of green practices and more sustainable materials within Canada’s construction industry. Residential and commercial buildings are being built in new ways that save water, heat, and energy, in order to reduce the consumption of the world’s natural resources. Additionally, green construction practices also use sustainable materials that are more affordable.

The growing market for green construction is a positive movement for electricians, introducing them to exciting new responsibilities, better training, and more employment opportunities. If you’re planning to pursue training in this field, read on to learn how green technology trends will play an important role in your electrician career.

You’ll Work With Solar Panels During Your Maintenance Electrician Career

In recent years, solar panels have become an increasingly popular way to power residential and commercial buildings. Solar panels are available in all sizes, and function by converting the sun’s rays into a viable power source for any application. Once you’ve completed your electrical apprenticeship program, you might consider pursuing work as a solar service technician. Job opportunities for electricians working with solar energy are consistently growing at a quick rate.

As a solar service technician, your job duties would revolve around the repair and maintenance of solar panel installations. Since this green technology employs the conversion of sunlight, this would be a great job for anyone who enjoys working outdoors. Solar service technicians typically work in small teams, and receive hands-on training on energy efficiency and solar energy regulations.

Reach New Heights: Electric Vehicles & Your Maintenance Electrician Career

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining tons of popularity in the automotive world. They generally fall into two categories:

  1. Hybrid vehicles, which consist of both, gas powered engines and plug-in electric motors.
  2. Battery-electric vehicles, which are completely battery-powered.

Since electric vehicles use partial or full battery power to get around, they have the dual advantage of reducing harmful emissions, and saving car owners money on gas.

Some areas in the U.S. are passing regulations that will require new homes, gas stations, rest stops, and parking lots to have electrical vehicle charging stations when they’re constructed. As EVs grow in popularity here in Canada, we should expect to see more and more charging stations. This means that professionals with maintenance electrician training, like you, will be responsible for installing and maintaining these outlets.

By July 2015, there were approximately 15,000 registered EVs in Canada. As car companies race to get more EVs onto the market, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to work in the installation of their charging stations during your maintenance electrician career.

Electric vehicles are an example of green technology that's rapidly spreading through Canada.
Electric vehicles are an example of green technology that’s rapidly spreading through Canada.

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