Instead of About Us, this page should really be called About You. After all, what’s on the line is all about you your job, your pay, your benefits, your training, your dignity. This is exactly what we’re all about. You’re not alone when it comes to needing someone in your corner to make sure your career and life not only keeps going but improves along the way. You’re also not alone in looking to us for that help. That’s why we’re one of Canada’s fastest growing unions . . . and for good reason. Progressive approach when we’re negotiating or arbitrating on your behalf, you get to keep working at full pay (that’s right, union doesn’t have to mean strike, although CLAC has and will strike . . .but as a last resort) Balanced strength we’re tough when it’s called for, but without jeopardizing the health of your work environment (your work life isn’t ever just about the issue at hand) Inclusive values we share your values, because regardless of personal beliefs, today’s workers value social justice, respect, dignity, and fairness in the workplace. Valuable training we provide a growing list of courses that help you advance your skills and career so you can succeed in the workplace of today and tomorrow. Extensive benefits we provide a comprehensive package of benefits to meet your needs, from health and welfare to retirement programs and more. A real union we train our stewards and regional reps to give you the support and advocacy you need through a network of 33 locals across Canada.

Merit ON

Merit Ontario is a member driven, non-profit Association representing open shop (non-union) construction companies across Ontario. Merit Open Shop contractors represent 74%* of Ontario’s construction workforce - the majority of Ontario's construction industry. Merit Ontario brings together these individual contractors through delivering the best possible safety and human resource practices. Merit employers believe in developing a loyal and highly skilled workforce. Our member companies engage and retain employees by enrolling in our strong Merit Ontario group benefits, retirement plans and training. The Merit HourBank, Office and Flex plans and the Merit affinity programs represent savings and peace of mind for Merit businesses, their employees and their families. Merit Ontario advocates for the interests of the majority of Ontario's contractors at the governmental and public policy levels. Together, our businesses have a strong and united voice when speaking about their issues with government. Our purpose is to promote the interests of Merit employers and their employees, dispelling the belief that construction labour is primarily union. We educate and develop strong relationships to allow for fair bidding and equal opportunity at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government.

Our Values

  • •Safety As Our Top Priority
  • •Transparency, Integrity and Professionalism In All We Do
  • •Equitable Treatment For All Employees
  • •Open and Fair Working Conditions
  • •Entrenched Employee Rights
  • •Equitable Hiring For All Employees


IPEX Inc. designs and manufactures one of the world's most diverse lines of integrated thermoplastic piping systems-pipe, valves, fittings, auxiliary components and tools-all engineered from the ground up to handle the full range of today's municipal, industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Ontario Electrical League

In 2009, we held our first training session at the new OEL Training Facility thanks to our partnership with the Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute and launched YASC-OEL (Youth Apprenticeship Standards Council Ontario Electrical League) employee link service. In 2010 the Merit OpenShop Contractors Association partnered with OEL to offer the Merit Benefit Plans to OEL members. Also in 2010 Constitution revisions recommended by the Constitution Review Committee, a sub-committee of the Contractor Committee were approved at the Annual General Meeting and now provide greater representation of Contractors, with 51% of board membership. Ontario Electrical League becomes a sponsor of a summer outreach program for youth put on through a partnership between the Pre- Apprenticeship Training Institute and the City of Toronto providing young people with exposure to apprenticeships, trades and safety training.

PAT Institute

Our graduates leave the training facility with current technical and safety training, industry standard tools and safety gears saving both the student and the employer additional costs at the beginning of their career. Graduates' careers will lead into a multitude of options and pathways a few of which are: working in the trades, owning their own businesses, becoming trades inspectors, engineering, or teaching. Our focus is to provide Canadians with access to high paying jobs in very high demand industries that promise employment stability, financial security and career growth. Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute, which emerged from the recognition of the need for higher education in the technical field, became an institution to serve the educational and training needs of skilled trades in Ontario. As the new Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute develops, it will be building on the strong legacy of Vocational Schools by continuing to offer a responsive, quality education. It will maintain and increase its presence in the communities in the region by providing students the opportunity for placements in their community, while collaborating with other academic institutions to expand access and create more variety in advanced education. The Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute will offer a diverse array of high quality academic, trades, technological and vocational programs. With the expected addition of new spaces over the next two years and the anticipated development of new programs and facilities, our institute is dedicated to meet the needs of the region's residents and employers with an expanded selection of world-class education and training programs.


Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. is an industry-leading manufacturer and marketer of heavy-duty, portable electric power tools and accessories for professional users worldwide.

Since its founding in 1924, Milwaukee has focused on a single vision: To produce the best heavy-duty electric power tools and accessories available to the professional user. Today, the Milwaukee name stands for the highest quality, durable and reliable professional tools money can buy.

Milwaukee currently employs approximately 1,300 people globally. The company continues to set industry standards, targeting professional tool users of all types with a product line that includes more than 500 tools and over 3,500 accessories. Throughout its history Milwaukee's commitment to quality remains steadfast, although the way that quality is ensured has changed drastically. Quality is designed in, using state-of-the-art technologies and sophisticated manufacturing techniques.


Since our founding in 2000, PCA has worked to ensure fair access to work opportunities for our members by promoting a legislative framework and industry practices that establish a level playing field for all construction industry participants. The innovative partnership that exists between our member companies and their CLAC employees is founded on a mutual respect dedicated to achieving a fair outcome for all parties, maximizing productivity in the relationship between labour and management, and a commitment to safety that is second to none. As such, our member companies tend to enjoy a highly cooperative and productive relationship with their CLAC employees compared to that which exists between other employers and the craft unions, such as the Building Trades Council (BTC). The uniqueness of our labour model both worker to worker, and worker to employer means that there are no jurisdictional disputes, and we are united in our focus on building a high productivity, high performance business and a culture around construction. And, unlike non unionized construction firms, our unique labour management model ensures a strong voice for employees, enabling better dialogue between employer and employees, improved workforce management capabilities, and a cohesive culture. As opposed to many in the non unionized construction sector, we believe that there can be a role for progressive unionization in our industry. Fundamentally, Canada’s construction industry should be one that allows for fair and open competition of companies reflecting various labour models; in which no sector is given artificial and unfair advantage over another on the basis of union affiliation or lack thereof. Simply put, PCA is not anti-union, we are anti-monopoly.


The most valuable resource at Bell Technical Solutions is its PEOPLE. We cannot achieve our goals of success and increased productivity without the participation of every employee. Bell Technical Solutions, a full service telecommunications, networking, construction, and project management firm was established in 1996 as a direct result of outsourcing field services in the telecommunications industry. A subsidiary of Bell Canada, Bell Technical Solutions operates as a separate and distinct company. At Bell Technical Solutions, our core values include customer focus, the value of employees, quality and continuous improvement, diverse skills and positive human interactions. We are committed to the overall goal of offering quality services, job security and a positive return on the company's investment. It is the responsibility of all employees to promote a positive working environment based on honesty, integrity and respect within the organization. We Deliver Skilled People Solutions.


O'Neil Electric Supply - Proud Canadian Owned, Independent Wholesale Supplier of Premium Electrical Products in Ontario and the GTA for over 45 Years O'Neil Electric Supply is very pleased to announce the launch of our new website - We are currently working on some exciting new plans in our company and we look forward to introducing new useful applications that will make a completely interactive, user-friendly and fun website for our business partners in the industry. Earl O'Neil Electric Supply Limited was founded in Toronto 45 years ago and during that time has built an exceptional team of experienced, loyal and professional personnel. We are extremely proud of our history and reputation for building close business relationships and personal friendships with our customers and suppliers. O'Neil Electric supplies all of the premium brands from the major manufacturers, in a complete range of electrical products in lighting, controls, power distribution equipment, conduit, wire, boxes, devices, heating & ventilation, tools, safety equipment etc. We have full service fast turnaround pick- up counters, order desk, warehouse and sales offices at our two GTA branches in Woodbridge and Scarborough. From these primary locations, we currently provide same or next day delivery service with our owned & operated fleet of trucks across Southern Ontario. We are always pleased to offer competitive pricing, 'hassle free' service and customized solutions for any special, unique or emergency job requirement. We also have a specialized team of dedicated sales and project professionals, who are able to quote, manage and support any small, medium or large scale project in the commercial, industrial and residential markets. If you are a prospective customer, a new friend or just want to meet our team - we look forward to the opportunity to introduce ourselves, our company and our extensive line of premium brand electrical products and services to you.