Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute: Training to Build a Future

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Working in the skilled trades, you don’t know how many times we would hear parent’s and friends say, “Go to school so you can be a doctor or a lawyer!” Not that there is anything wrong with these professions, but it is not the right career for everyone. Unfortunately, there is a certain stigma attached to those working in construction and it is completely unjustified. These careers weren’t respected as much as one in an office, however, not everyone is cut out to sit at a desk all day. Nor is everyone who works in an office necessarily successful.

In many countries, there are schools that specialize in every form of skilled trade, but not so much in Ontario. As such, the Pre-Apprenticeship Training (PAT) Institute offers programs to assist individuals who want a career where they can work with their hands. A career where you see the results of your labour first-hand – where you are a part of creating something special for someone, like a home.

Here’s something to consider about many of today’s skilled trade professionals, such as carpenters, framers, electricians and plumbers: do not to let the work clothes and the mud on their boots fool you. The skilled trade workers are smart, friendly, dedicated and hard-working. They take a great deal of old-fashioned pride in their work. Many of them are more successful than you might guess. Many trade professionals may drive dented old vehicles but are also very successful business owners.

To those people thinking of pursuing an apprenticeship in Ontario such as an Electrical apprenticeship, HVAC apprenticeship, Plumbing apprenticeship etc. a skilled trade, we congratulate you! Just remember that in addition to learning how to work with stone, wood or pipe and wire, you need to have a solid educational foundation. The carpenter you see on-site may be swinging a hammer, but he is also a professional business person and entrepreneur. You will need those smart business skills as well to be successful in any construction-related career you choose.
Good Luck!!

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29 thoughts on “Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute: Training to Build a Future”

  1. I considered doing a pre-apprenticeship program at a community college but ultimately decided on PATinstitute when I learned about the Merit Job Board and the opportunities it provides.
    After completing the Construction & Maintenance Electrician program at PATinstitute I feel confident in my skills and am ready to go out and apply them in the workplace.
    I imagined that if I worked hard and succeeded in my course at PATinstitute I would have good odds at landing an employment opportunity through the Merit Job Board.
    Now that my 3 month program is completed, I realize how little I knew going in. I cannot imagine being able to maintain a job with the lack of knowledge and training that I had prior to the course. I simply would not be able to compete with those who were more qualified than me.
    I am greatful for the learning experience at PATinstitute and plan to take full advantage of the position I have received through the Merit Job Board.

  2. After 2 years live in Canada and have done different kind of jobs the “pre apprenticeship training institute” help me to entre to the trade that i like to work on it .I am very happy and thanks everybody who helped me to get to this point .

  3. thumbs up for PAT, theres 12 week of training on the course that i am taking Constraction Electrical Maintenance. wow this is a good new to every one the 11th week of training i am hired for a job. i got shock and i can’t imagine. i am just a new immigrant and niow i can start my career.

  4. I heard about this program from one of my friend so i did not think about any others .Before i started this program i knew a little bit of electrical ,at PAT i could improved my skills and i think now i am ready to start my new job.Before i start my program i was worry what will happen after i am done with course, i could not imagine i find job even before i finish the program , but i made it and i am so happy .After two years live in here ,i earn this experience that without training nobody would hire you unless you know somebody.

  5. I considered other pre-apprenticeship institutes but the PAT Institute had more aims and goals based on my desire and dreams. The projects that we did were well designed to give the student an up hand in the industry. I had never thought that i will be employed before i completed the program. I got found employment through the merit Job Board. Am glad that i joined the PAT Institute because it opened a great opportunity for me THANKS PAT.

  6. Its pretty unussual actualy, patininstute gave me the goverment agency to check into everything for admissions to my school. They gave me many different options, but after i did my research i chose patin over all the other schools!

    I had a very interesting time here, some hi’s and some low’s. i learned many different things, but the most important is the education on what employers and inspectors want. It took alot of dedication to get to this point, Im no different from anybody but my commitment was everything i had.and I push myself to the limits to achieve everything!

    To be honest I really didnt think i was was going to get a job before i finnished school, its an unbelievable opportunity to start work before i finnish school, and im happy to say everyone who wants to get out of the situation they are in now, should take the time and look into this school and find out what trades are all about!

    No actualy i havent gotten a chance to view the job board, my resume was still in the works to be finnished!

    Honesty, Because i have a never say die attitude, i would say yes! but dont get me wrong, i would die trying if not die, but with the experience and knowledge i have learned from the patintistute i now equiped with the knowedge to get ahead where i would begin to struggle, and if you dont have to struggle to get a then why wouldnt you ever consider it! afterall Knowledge is everything experience is everything in trade, now if you had the knowledge and the experience nothing can stop you from achieving what you want!

    Best of luck to all my graduating class and my teacher… I couldnt have made it here with out you all,

    and most of all to Glen, If you didnt push me and make me understand everything i dont think i could of made it where i am today!

    Thank you and God Bless!!!

  7. “For a while now I’ve been looking for the right school to teach me about a skilled trade program. My friend told me about PAT Institute, so i decided to give it a shot.

    I enrolled for the Electrical Pre Apprenticeship 12 week course. When i enrolled to this course they told me about a job board, and said that when you are done the course employers look on the job board and pick students from there. What I didnt know was that I would be employed for a job on my 11th week. This was a suprise for me.

    During this course I have learned alot! They have taught me everything that i need to know. I didnt have any knowledge in the electrical feild, and know i have aquired enough skill to start working.

    I really enjoyed attending this institute, i have learned alot, and the staff here are really helpful!

    This is a great way to get you stared if you are interested in a skilled trade! PAT Institute is HIGHLY Recommended!

  8. For a while now I’ve been looking for the right school to teach me about a skilled trade program. one day i was searching at school so then i went on the PAT website and i sighned up for it seen all the requirements also saw the main paig that attarcted me to go to this collage . i have a chance to go to humber or what ever but i chose to come here i bleve the teachinjg faciity is better .
    for the up comin years for PAT institue they should try to get more overalls per person also better and more tools should be given out . i also enjoyed my time here my instructor was amazing the way he teaches an all i tryed my best with comin on time and also getting my work donew and trying to understand about my trade (Plumbing) thank you to PAT Institute iv learned alot.
    thank you PAT instutue for all your help me to get ready for this oppurtunity and for a job.

  9. Before coming to Pat Institute i didn’t know where to go to try and become a plumber. Becoming a plumber is something i wanted to do for a while. I was thinking about going to a union and applying but i had no clue if it was the right move for me. I was reading the paper and i saw the PAT advertisement so I figured I should come here. I think it was the best decision I have made. I learned a lot about what i am going to be doing for my future and i enjoyed learning about the trade. My Instructor was excellent he helped me a lot. If u didn’t

  10. Before coming to Pat Institute i didn’t know where to go to try and become a plumber. Becoming a plumber is something i wanted to do for a while. I was thinking about going to a union and applying but i had no clue if it was the right move for me. I was reading the paper and i saw the PAT advertisement so I figured I should come here. I think it was the best decision I have made. I learned a lot about what i am going to be doing for my future and i enjoyed learning about the trade. My Instructor was excellent he helped me a lot. If I didn’t get any training I would be stuck and would have no clue on what to do with my life.

  11. Pat institute was very helpful in preparing me for a job in the network cabling industry.I liked the fact that it was 40% practical because because those are the real skills that you need on the job site.It’s was great getting all the safety training out of the way and our instructor Chris was very helpful and patience.

  12. I’m graduating from PAT institute on Construction and Maintenance Electrician Pre-Apprenticeship Program and I’m glad with the fact I did choose PAT as my pre-apprenticeship school for electrician. I did research another schools and Choose PAT because the fact this school is more recognized by employers and the program is more hands-on and demanding than in another schools. I’m completely satisfied with that choice. I did learn a lot of theory and at the same time I had the opportunity to apply that theory on practical projects. I fell that I’m ready to work and that I can be helpful to my employer with all the knowledge and experience I had on PAT. Definitely PAT is the best choice for someone who wants to be on trades! Pedro.

  13. The plumbing program here at the PAT Institute gave me the basic skills to kick start my new career in this trade. I am even more happy with the confidence I now have with special plumbing tools and procedures. I highly recomend the Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute for anyone, with little or no experiance, who wants to get into a trade.

  14. patinstitute has been my first choice,i think its divine intervention that lead me here. patinstitute is a wonderfull institution and i had the best of the best instructor.i thought that this was a good move to attend the institution to get the best training to prepair myself for the future and all my expectation was met. thanks to all the helpfull staff who make us feel at home. THANK YOU PAT.

  15. I have enjoyed in the little time here how much everyone has been real helpful, understanding and working to benefit you. So far all of the instructors have been real helpful and detail oritented. the PAT institute has made me very ambitious about the future and excited to keep learning!

  16. I chose to enroll myself at the PAT Institute because a friend of mine had given me some information about it and it seemed like something that might interest me. I had already been to community college twice before and I realized that sitting in a classroom for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week was not for me. I researched more about the PAT Institute through their website and confirmed my decision in wanting to enroll. After completing my first week, I have learned a lot about the importance of safety and I look forward to getting more in depth with my program.

  17. So far PAT institude has been an intertesting expiernce. The institude has met my expectations so far and I feel confident it will continue to do so. The expierence of our intructors makes me feel good about being here. I have a ton to learn but with the people here at PAT I know I’ll leave here satisfied.

  18. The safety training at PATI is of the highest quality. Glen has been informative and helpful in learning the ropes of trade concepts and best practices.
    While the course has only just begun, I can tell that choosing the PAT Institute was the right choice for me in my new career endeavours.

  19. the reason why i picked PAT institude is because its hands on and its well recognized. So far its been great experience and working safely is important.

  20. pat institute from the first day really inspired me and helped me understand what the world is like and how an apretiship looks like. the teachers are pat are really insightful and full of knowledge and answered any questions i had. the part that i like the most is if you are struggling and have any unanswered questions they are more then happy to go out of their way to answer it and show you many examples. since its only my first week here i cant tell you how the full program is like but i can say that from the first day it really caught my attention and made me real instested and excited to go to school.

    pats awesome at what they do that is why they are the best

  21. i did consider other collages for pre training but found that PAT was my best choice with the safety training and the hands on training. Also for the future of my career. thus far i find the training at PAT very informative even tho i am just doing the safety aspect of it . I presume that the hands on and the theory aspect will be just as in depth and i am looking forward to learning all i can about the trade i want to presue as my career.

  22. I’ve considered several schools before choosing PAT. When I came here to check it out the staff was amazing and friendly. They showed that they cared for the students, unlike your other college schools such as George Brown or Humber. The teachers here strive and motivate you to succeed and achieve higher than your goals. I like how the course is 40% practical. Most colleges have very rare hands on training and in the trades you need the hands on skill set in order to succeed in your trade. The instructors are really nice, easy to talk to and easy to get a long with. I would reommend PAT to any friends of mine!

  23. The pat institue was the only pre apprentice school that i applied to. So far i am enjoying the program, it is hard to give to much detail because we have only really focused on safety but i like the structuer of the program so far and am looking forward to more practicle stuff. I understand that safety is a major part of the construction world and was taught safety proceduers well and now that it is almost through the first week looking forward to getting into the hands on work. I am enjoying my time at the pat institue so far and hope that it contuines throughout my time here.

  24. I’m taking the Electrician Pre-Apprenticeship at PAT Institute. Two of my friend’s have taken this course and are now working in the field. I’ve been here for a week now and i’m learning quite a bit. I hope to turn this experience into an apprenticeship after i’m done. Instructors are very knowledgable and friendly. I would recommend that you check out the school to see if it’s for you.

  25. My time here at patin institute thus far has been quite education in terms of learning safety measures and steps with regards to the workplace. Understanding legislation and what is permitted and considered safe work pratice through different regulations outlined through safety week.

  26. I like to learning very well.I am very happy and thanks everybody who helped me to get to this point .

  27. yes, I did consider another pre- apprentice training program, but the patinstitute
    offers more one on one
    so far the instructors have been informative and educational

  28. After searching several college programs on line and attend a few open house workshops I decided to enroll in P.A.T. Pre-apprenticeship program. The Institute offers exactly what I was looking for to prepare me for an apprenticeship, and the Merit Program is a plus.

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