3 Common Myths About Plumber Careers, and the Truth Behind them!

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If you’ve been considering pursuing a plumber career, you’ve probably gotten a bit of mixed feedback from your friends and family. While most people may have been supportive, you may have heard a few skeptical responses to your desire to become a plumber. Although people close to you have your best interests at heart, it’s true that there are a few misconceptions out there about what it’s actually like to work in the plumbing field.

When making the decision to pursue a training program, it’s important to examine both sides of the coin. You’ll want to be excited, but you’ll also want to take a closer look at whether or not you’re taking a huge risk. Let’s check out some of the most common misconceptions about working as a plumber, as well as the facts behind them!

Plumbers Don’t Earn a Good Living

A little financial gain might be one of the reasons you’re looking to change careers, and it’s a very valid one. Many people seem to believe that a plumbing career doesn’t pay well, but they might not know the facts!

If you decide to take up plumber training, the next step would be to complete an apprenticeship. Apprentice plumbers earn an average salary of $40K per year in Canada, which is certainly nothing to balk at. Once you’re certified, you have several options. You could work for a construction company, a maintenance plumbing company, or even start your own business. The average income for full-time plumbers in Canada is an impressive $57K per year. If you were to start your own business and build a loyal client base, there’s no limit to what you could earn!

There’s No Stable Work in the Plumbing Sector

As aging plumbers advance towards retirement, it creates room for newly-trained individuals to join the ranks!
As aging plumbers advance towards retirement, it creates room for newly-trained individuals to join the ranks!

Another common myth about working in plumbing is that it doesn’t offer much career stability. Though this might be the case in a few rural areas, there’s actually a high demand for new workers in the field. One of the main reasons is that as an entire generation of older plumbers are preparing to retire, it’s making room for new workers in all areas.

Think of how many residences, businesses, and institutions use running water, and how that requires continuous maintenance. Not to mention the amount of new construction projects going up across the country! When you consider those factors, it’s easy to see that for a trained plumber, there’s always work to be done!

It’s Hard to Find a Job as a Plumber

It’s no secret that it’s tough to find a job in any sector these days. You may have heard that it’s difficult to get hired as a plumber, but this is also just a myth. Even during tough economic times, Canada’s construction industry is one of the strongest in the world, so skilled trades jobs are relatively unaffected by things that affect other industries.

One of the advantages of training at PAT institute is that we have a list of industry connections who know that we produce skilled graduates. We help you launch your career by matching you with companies who are looking to take on reliable apprentices. This gives you a competitive edge in your job search and proves that it doesn’t have to be hard to find rewarding work!


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