3 Rewarding Careers After The Electrician + Network Cabling Program

Electrician builder at work inspecting cabling connection of high voltage power electric line in industrial distribution fuseboard

Graduating from a combined electrician and network cabling program will give you a competitive advantage in the workplace due to the diverse skills you will learn. This will give you options and the ability to take on multiple roles. There is a diverse set of career paths that are available to graduates of this program, whether it’s a career as an industrial electrician or a network cabling specialist technician, when you graduate from the PAT Institute, you’ll be primed with the top industry skills and knowledge that will make your transition into a career seamless.

Graduates From The Electrician + Network Cabling Program Can Become Communication Cabling Pros

Have you noticed all the new televisions all over the place? In malls, in the streets, in shop windows. Conference rooms and businesses in general are all integrating new televisions and more sophisticated communication technology all the time. With this growth in communication technology’s use comes the need for professionals to install these systems, run the network cables, and ensure everything is functioning properly.

Business are adding more and more communications technology to their offices
Businesses are adding more and more communications technology to their offices

PAT Institute Graduates Can Move On To Become CATV Technicians

A CATV technician, or a cable television professional, installs, troubleshoots, and repairs all types of cable company products that keep customers connected. When your customer can’t watch his morning weather report and gets caught in the rain because his cable isn’t functioning, it could be you that comes to the rescue and keeps him/her connected to the community.

Computer IT Technicians Are In High Demand!

Training with the PAT Institute can lead to a career as a computer information-systems technician (IT), one of the most interesting and in-demand careers there is. As the world unanimously moves from analog to digital, or from letters to email, for example, information systems have grown exponentially along with the workforce required to service them. According to payscale.com, IT specialists make on average about $45,000 per year.

: IT technicians continue to be in high demand across the country
IT technicians continue to be in high demand across the country

Don’t delay in beginning your training at PAT Institute and moving into a rewarding career.

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