8 Most Convincing Reasons to Become a Plumber

become a plumberPlumbers are well-paid, well-respected tradespeople. If you’ve ever had your toilet break, or a pipe burst in the middle of the night, you know exactly how valuable a good plumber is! 

On the other hand, there are quite a few misconceptions about what it’s like to become a plumber.

Many people think plumbing is the “dirtiest” trade, or that career options are limited to unclogging toilets and fixing leaks. 

The truth is plumbing is one of the most rewarding, diverse skilled trades out there.

There are many different career paths, plenty of demand, and it’s relatively easy to get started with training.

Check out our top 8 most convincing reasons to become a plumber.

1. Skilled plumbers are always in demand 

Plumbers provide an essential service. They ensure we have safe drinking water, provide waste removal systems, and keep many of our household appliances running smoothly. 

Where would we be without showers, dishwashers, washing machines, and working toilets?

Skilled plumbers are always in demand because our lives (and cities) don’t function without them! 

2. Positive employment outlook for plumbers in Ontario 

It’s a good time to become a plumber in Ontario. The latest research from the Government of Canada Job Bank shows steady employment opportunities for plumbers across the province. 

What’s creating jobs in this field?

The strong construction industry is providing work for plumbers. So is provincial investment in water and wastewater treatment plants, municipal piping systems, and new public buildings. 

The residential market has demand for plumbing renovation projects. On the public and commercial side, Ontario needs plumbers to upgrade facilities and retrofit buildings. 

Plus, the shift towards more water-efficient plumbing systems is creating demand to replace older equipment with new fixtures.

3. Earn money while you complete your plumber apprenticeship 

The average student completes several years of university studies in the hopes of getting hired after graduation.  

If they’re lucky, they might get an internship in their field and graduate with real work experience. But many student internships are unpaid. 

As a plumber apprentice, you are earning a decent wage while you’re completing your training and getting work experience.  

To get certified in Ontario, plumbers need to complete 8,280 hours of on-the-job training and 720 hours of in-class learning. 

But while you’re doing it, you’re getting paid. Plumber apprentices in Ontario make from $16-28 per hour (jobbank.gc.ca). 


4. Avoid university student loan debt

Global News reports the average Canadian university graduate gets stuck with over $26,000 in debt. 

With interest rates and the high cost of living, it can take a lifetime to repay those loans. A quality plumber course isn’t free—but it’s a fraction of the cost of a Bachelor degree. 

The average university student (living away from home) spends at least $19,000 a year on tuition and living expenses. That’s for 4 years of studying!

You can become a plumber for much, much less (and earn money as you complete your apprenticeship). 

5. Get government grants to help pay for your plumbing training

Because Canada has a serious shortage of skilled tradespeople, the government is offering special grants (free money) to help people complete their apprenticeships. 

There are thousands of dollars available for qualifying students.

If you contact your local trades school, an Admissions Advisor can walk you through the options, figure out which grants you qualify for, and help you apply. 

6. There are more job options than you think!

Most people think plumbers just unclog pipes and fix leaks. But this trade has a lot more to offer than routine maintenance work. 

Other job options for plumbers include: 

  • Installing medical gas systems 
  • Working on new construction projects 
  • Doing renovation and retrofit work 
  • Working on municipal water systems 
  • Starting your own plumbing business 
  • Become a plumber instructor 
  • Work in plumbing sales 

7. Plumbing work is challenging and interesting

Plumbing work is all about problem-solving, diagnostics, and troubleshooting. Some jobs may be routine, but in many cases, you’ll be exercising your brain to find effective solutions. 

Most plumbers start out in construction and maintenance, where they’re constantly interacting with other tradespeople and clients from different backgrounds.  

You’re on the move, meeting new people every day.  

Plus, there are tons of interesting new plumbing technologies coming onto the market every year.

There are always new products to learn about and use, from innovative water systems to cutting-edge fixtures.

This is a challenging, interesting trade for people who enjoy learning and solving problems. 

 8. It’s easy to get started with plumbing training

Most plumbing trade schools do not have a high “barrier to entry.” This means it’s relatively easy to get accepted and start your training. 

At Herzing College, our admission requirements for the plumbing pre-apprenticeship program are: 

  • You must have an Ontario Secondary School diploma or equivalent, or be a mature student 
  • Pass an entrance test administrated by Herzing 
  • Be interviewed in detail regarding your interest in the field 

Make no mistake: becoming a successful plumber isn’t easy. But, if you’re ready to learn and willing to work hard, you will make a strong start.

Our plumbing instructor, Steve Dramnitzke, has over 27 years of experience in the trade, and has been teaching at Herzing College for the past 10 years. 

He has this advice for anyone who wants to become a plumber: 

Come to the campus and talk with us about why you want to get into the plumbing trade. Sometimes I meet with students myself at this stage, to help them understand more of what to expect, and things to think about, before getting started.  

This is the best way to make sure you’re on the right track, and that plumbing is the right trade for you.” 

Next step: learn about Plumber Pre-apprenticeship Training 

Pre-apprenticeship training is your first step toward becoming a certified plumber in Ontario. The goal of this training is to get you hired as a plumber apprentice. 

Employers prefer to hire apprentices who already have a basic knowledge of job safety, plumbing codes, plumbing installation methods, and other fundamentals. 

This is what you’ll learn in a quality plumber pre-apprenticeship program. Plus, a good trade school will also connect you with employers and job opportunities when you graduate. 

Take a look at Herzing’s Plumbing Pre-apprenticeship training. Training takes just 24 weeks. Tools, safety gear, and safety certifications are included. 

Click to explore the program, chat live with Admissions, or request free info by email. We’re here to help! 


Learn More About the Pre-Apprenticeship Plumber Program

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