A Review of Network Cabling

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The Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute, is dedicated to training the future generations of skilled trade professionals and bridging the gap between employers and these pre-apprentices. Below is a first hand review of the Institute between an Interviewer (Q) and a past student and graduate (S) of PAT, who is currently working in the trades as a Network Cabling Specialist.

S: I attended the [Pre-Apprenticeship Training] PAT Institute as a student for 3 months, taking their Network Cabling pre-apprenticeship program.

Q: What did you think about the course?

S: The course was phenomenal,  I learned a lot. Even though it was short, it was very compressed; I since then have moved on from the course itself into the trade itself and everything I learned in the class, everyday, its something coming back to, that i can relate to because I learned it already in class.

Q: After you graduated, how long did it take you to go to work?

S: for myself, it was a very quick turn-around. I was approached the day of graduation and within three-five days, I was training and on a flight out west.

Q: What’s your perception of your employer?

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S: I love my employer. They’re good to us and keep us busy. Perks for the company, everything is rented for you, everything is paid for… everything is covered by them. You go in there, you work and they treat you well; yea I’m very happy with the company I’m working for.

Q: Was there anything that surprised you when you went to work?

S: The amount of work that actually is available caught me by surprise. I figured it would be a slow start but my turn-around was 3-5 days, from the time I graduated, to the time I was on the job site. As soon as I got there, I was surprised because I was thrown into the mix and because of what I learned here [at PAT] I was able to adapt well enough to my surroundings in the work environment

Q: In your trade, what is the demand?

S: The demand is growing, there’s a growing demand. Even since I was hired back in March, we’ve hired another 60 guys in the company alone just to become data [Network Cabling] Technicians. Other companies that I’ve met through other people say that its also turning around, that its getting busy. The demand is there for work…

Q: Did you use the [Merit Ontario] job board when  you got hired?

S: I did. My resume was put on the job board and I was actually contacted a week to two weeks later by another 3-4 companies but I had already been hired and sent out on the road…


Q: What would you share with people beginning their career in the trades?

S: For myself, coming to the  PAT Institute, Network Cabling was a new thing. I didn’t know much about the bigger companies like Rogers or Bell that took care of the majority of the work but there’s so much behind the scenes. At first, when you start, its nerve racking for anyone

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whose never been on a job site… but its rewarding.

Q: Do you think you would have got your job without the training from PAT?

S: No. The company that I work for, they come to PAT first. They look at applicants from PAT and then go else where. You can get a higher starting salary with the prerequisites from PAT and for myself, without PAT, I wouldn’t have know what to do the first day.

To see the full review online, check out the PAT Institute on Youtube:


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  1. I’m currently taking the Network Cabling program at PATIN and am very impressed with the instructor and level of knowledge that I am attaining. The program is very thorough and in depth with an amazing student/teacher ratio. This allows for a lot of one on one support.The tools and real life projects we work on are impressive. I’m confident of my high employability level once I graduate based on the degree of training I am receiving.

  2. Im not such an expert when it comes to this. Useful read, appreciate your posting this. I was reading about the apprenticeship ratios. Why is Ontario the only provingce that restricts ratios. This Ontario College of Trades seem to want to limit access to the trades also. Can you comment on that further.

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