online health and safety course list and prices

AODA – Customer Service Standards for Ontario 45 minutes 39.95
AODA – Integrated Accessibility Standards for Ontario 30 minutes 39.95
Back & Lifting Safety 45 minutes 49.95
Cumulative Trauma Disorder 50 minutes 39.95
Confined Space Awareness 3 hours 79.96
Exercises & Stretches 15 minutes 19.95
Fall Protection (Non Ontario) 75 minutes 49.95
Fall Protection (Ontario – non construction) 75 minutes 49.95
Fire Safety 5 40 minutes 39.9
Health & Safety Orientation - Generic 60 minutes 49.95
Heat Stress Awareness 45 minutes 39.95
Human Performance Factors 75 minutes 49.95
Isocyanates Awareness 45 minutes 29.95
Ladder Safety 30 minutes 39.95
Lockout/Tagout 60 minutes 59.95
Office Ergonomics 30 minutes 39.95
Ontario MOL Worker H&S Awareness 45 minutes 39.95
Pedestrian Safety Around Fork-lifts 45 minutes 29.95
Personal Protective Equipment 45 minutes 29.95
Power Lift-Truck - CSA Std. B335-04 3 hours 29.95
Propane in Construction Awareness 4 hours 69.95
Slips, Trips & Falls 45 minutes 39.95
Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Shipper 3 hours 29.95
Transportation of Dangerous Goods -Handler 3 hours 29.95
Transportation of Dangerous Goods – Driver 3 hours 39.95
Utility Knife & Box Cutter Safety 45 minutes 29.95
Vehicle Hoist Safety Training 60 minutes 29.95
Violence & Harassment in the Workplace (Ontario) 60 minutes 49.95
Violence & Harassment - Refresher (Ontario) 40 minutes 39.95
Violence, Harassment & Bullying (Generic) 50 minutes 59.95
WHMIS 2015 & the GHS 60 minutes 19.95
WHMIS 1988 Refresher 40 minutes 19.95
WHMIS 1988 60 minutes 19.95
WHMIS 1988 for Supervisors and Advanced Users 75 minutes 24.95
WHMIS 1988 Automotive Specific 60 minutes 19.95
Management Suite Accident & Incidents Investigations 40 minutes 59.95
Due Diligence Awareness 15 minutes 29.95
Implementing Workplace Safety 20 minutes 19.95
Joint Health & Safety Committee - Ontario 30 minutes 29.95
Occupational H&S and the Criminal Code 20 minutes 29.95
Ontario MOL Supervisor H&S Awareness 45 minutes 59.95
Understanding the Occupational Health & Safety Act 35 minutes 29.95
Workplace Safety Committee Overview 30 minutes 19.95
Workplace Safety Inspections 40 minutes 29.95
Specialty Courses Grain Silo Safety 45 minutes 49.95
IHSA Electrical Utilities Safety Rules 2014 3 hours TBD
Load Securement & Safety 45 minutes 29.95
Defensive Driving: Fees to be discussed. 2.5 hours TBD
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PAT Institute is devoted to preparing candidates for a career in the construction trades and supporting their practical and academic development in building a successful career.

Our graduates leave the training facility with current technical and safety training, industry standard tools and safety gear, saving both the student and the employer additional costs at the beginning of their career. Graduates’ careers will lead into a multitude of options and pathways a few of which are: working in the trades, owning their own businesses, becoming trades inspectors, engineering, or teaching.

Our focus is to provide Canadians with access to high paying jobs in very high demand industries that promise employment stability, financial security and career growth.

Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute, which emerged from the recognition of the need for higher education in the technical field, became an institution to serve the educational and training needs of skilled trades in Ontario. Effective April 2006.

As the new Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute develops, it will be building on the strong legacy of Vocational Schools by continuing to offer a responsive, quality education. It will maintain and increase its presence in the communities in the region by providing students the opportunity to work in their community, while collaborating with other academic institutions to expand access and create more variety in advanced education.

The Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute will offer a diverse array of high quality academic, trades, technological and vocational programs. With the expected addition of new spaces over the next two years and the anticipated development of new programs and facilities, our institute is dedicated to meet the needs of the region’s residents and employers with an expanded selection of world-class education and training programs.

We invite you to join us as we undertake training to build the future.

Start building your career today!