Career Profile: A Day in The Life of a Gas Technician

Service technician checks utilities

Making the decision to go back to school can be an intimidating process, especially when you only have a faint idea of what your future career will look like. Getting a sneak peek at a day in the life in a possible career path can help solidify your decision, because you’ll start to get the picture of what your daily duties and tasks will look like after you graduate.

If you’re considering a combined pre-apprenticeship program, read on to get a preview of a possible career path that will be available to you!

Where do Gas Technicians Usually Work?

If you decide to pursue a gas technician career, you’d have a variety of employment options. Gas techs typically work for gas utility or gas servicing companies, plumbing companies, various construction firms, and can even be self-employed.

It’s year-round work that mostly takes place indoors. You may find yourself working in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings throughout your gas technician career.

How would you Apply your Training to Daily Tasks?

Your training will teach you how to read a variety of meters to test for proper pressure, temperature, and more
Your training will teach you how to read a variety of meters to test for proper pressure, temperature, and more

By training at PAT Institute, you’ll develop the knowledge and skill set necessary to perform the variety of tasks that a gas technician job requires. You’ll learn how to use hand tools, power tools, and several measuring devices to check gauges. You’ll learn how to read blueprints and schematic diagrams which will help you prepare for installations. You’ll also learn the latest safety procedures for handling gas, which will prove useful when you’re connecting appliances and furnaces, or when you’re running piping systems.

There are different types of appliances and systems that you’ll work with as a gas technician, which includes ranges, water heaters, shower units, boilers, and more.

Regular Maintenance and Inspections: A Key Part of a Gas Technician Career

One of the main tasks you’ll perform throughout your gas technician career is visiting various locations for regular maintenance. Servicing gas-powered systems involves checking pressure and temperatures to make sure everything’s running smoothly and checking various gas lines for leaks.

One of the benefits of enrolling in a combined program at PAT Institute is that rather than studying theories of different gas tech scenarios, we use hands-on training so that there will be little to no guesswork once you start your apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are important, because they’ll give you the chance to work on all kinds of installation and maintenance calls under the supervision of an experienced professional before you start performing these tasks on your own once you launch your career!

Ready to take the next step toward a stable and fulfilling gas tech career?

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