Want to Become a Construction and Maintenance Electrician? 4 Things To Ask In Your Personal Interview

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Deciding to go back to school is a major life change, and juggling your time, finances, and life responsibilities can seem tricky at first. That’s why many colleges offer a personal interview during the admissions process, so that you get the chance to talk about which program would be right for you, and discuss the details and resources of how they can make the back-to-school transition as easy as possible.

Your college admissions interview is your opportunity to see if construction training is the right fit for you. While you’re at it, it’s important to find out about the support and benefits you’ll receive as you work your way towards a meaningful career in the construction industry. Read on to discover a few questions that can really help you get the most out of your admissions interview.

1. How Will a Combined Program Prepare me to Join the Workforce?

PAT Institute’s combined electrician + network cabling specialist training was designed, and consistently updated, around industry standards.

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Many successful graduates are loving their electrician careers—some have even started their own businesses!

That means that the techniques, tools, and safety training you’ll receive is based on what’s going on in today’s construction world. It’s all taught in a workshop environment using a hands-on approach. For these reasons, you’ll be ready to confidently embark on your apprenticeship once you graduate.

Along with this question, be sure to ask about course details, instructors, or tools of the trades in your interview!

2. What is Your Construction Training Program’s Reputation?

When deciding on making the leap to go back to school, you’ll want to select a college that’s renowned amongst employers for producing reliable graduates. You want your certification to be trusted as reliable and in line with today’s construction industry standards.

PAT Institute, for example, has built valuable partnerships with companies including construction firms, supply wholesalers, and more over the years. Our partners often trust us to pair them with grads for apprenticeships. Find out more during your interview by asking about our reputation in the construction industry.

3. What Are Grads of Your Construction Programs Doing Now?

If you ask about what grads are up to these days, you’ll start to get an idea of the many options available to you in the construction workforce once you complete your training. Some graduates of the electrician + network cabling specialist program work in home maintenance and repair, whereas others are setting up internet connections for businesses!  By hearing about other people’s success stories, you’ll start to look at the bigger picture and see how going to construction school could work for you.

Make sure that when you discuss your training with your advisor you ask about grads that have made it into your field of interest!

4. Is there Financial Support Available for Construction School Students?

Whether you’re planning to work while in school or attend full-time, finding out which financial aid resources are available to you can make your decision to go back to school a whole lot easier.

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PAT Institute advisors know which financial aid options are available to you

PAT Institute’s advisors are knowledgeable about the various types of financial support that you’d qualify for. Whether it’s a student line of credit, bursary, or scholarship that could help you pay your way through training, it’s important to take advantage of what’s available so that finances aren’t an issue. You never know, you might even qualify to attend for free! Be sure to ask about financial aid options during your interview with an advisor.

Want to gather more information before your interview?

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