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Follow the Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute and get all the latest news about apprenticeships in Ontario: Electrical Apprenticeship, HVAC apprenticeship  Network Cabling apprenticeship, Plumbing apprenticeship and other events related to the construction skilled trade industry!!


Pre-Apprenticeship Training (PAT) Institute





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7 thoughts on “Follow the PAT Institute Online!!”

  1. I started this program knowing absolutely nothing and at the end, the amount of knowledge ive obtained exceeded my expectations. There are things that this school can improve such as providing better materials to complete projects but other than that i have know problems

  2. I would recommend this course to anyone who love electronics and love to use their hands. The class is mostly hands on experience which is great experience before you get into the work force. the instructor was very knowledgeable with what he was teaching.

  3. I’m happy the time spent at PAT. I’m also recommending my friends to join.
    I am glad I took that decision to take this course at PAT.

  4. Extremely grateful for what the PAT institute has done for me. Within a week of graduating I started working for a major company. Thank you!

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