How PAT’s New Partnership with Whirlpool Benefits Students

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Partnerships between industry and trades colleges are win-win situations. Students get access to the latest training materials and product technology, and the chance to build skills that are in high demand by employers.

Nowhere is this more important than in construction trades training, where students need cutting-edge skills and knowledge to launch successful careers after college.

This is why industry partnerships have always played such an important role at the Pre-Apprenticeship Training (PAT) Institute. Our goal is to give PAT students every competitive advantage.

We’re particularly excited about our newest agreement with Whirlpool Canada, the world’s largest producer of home appliances.

Who is Whirlpool?

Whirlpool was the creator of the world’s first automatic washing machine over a century ago. Today, it offers a full range of home appliances known for their innovative design, simplicity and energy efficiency.

Whirlpool has continued to reinvent itself over the last 20 years, creating next-generation products that have won prestigious design awards— and even been showcased in Paris’s renowned Louvre Museum.

The multinational corporation currently has 92,000 employees and over 70 manufacturing and research centres across the globe.

However, even as it continues to expand, Whirlpool maintains support for social causes like affordable housing. Since 1999, the company has donated a refrigerator and cooking range to every North American home built by Habitat for Humanity.

So, how exactly will the new Whirlpool agreement benefit PAT students?

We spoke with Ryan Monaghan,  Whirlpool Regional Field Service Manager for Central Canada, to find out.

What is the Whirlpool agreement, and how did it develop?

“The agreement is an exclusive sponsorship of the appliance training programs until 2020, partnering the PAT Institute with Whirlpool Canada, the largest manufacturer of home appliances in the world,” explained Monaghan.

Brands in the corporation include Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid, Inglis and Jenn-Air.

“Whirlpool developed a Technician Pipeline Program, which involves partnering with and sponsoring training schools like PAT. It’s all about preparing the next generation of appliance technicians,” said Monaghan.

He offered these other important motivations for the Whirlpool agreement with PAT:

  • We need younger appliance experts to replace the retiring baby boomer generation of technicians in Canada
  • Students with electronic/diagnostic skills learned with classroom theory and hands-on training (using the latest products) are the key to success in the trade
  • Computer-savvy grads with business management knowledge and customer service skills are in high demand—the Whirlpool agreement focuses on equipping PAT students with these skills

In what ways will the agreement benefit PAT students?

PAT’s new agreement with Whirlpool will be of particular benefit to students in the appliance service technician program.

Monaghan identified these three main ways the partnership will benefit PAT appliance students:

1) The curriculum will be up-to-date with instructors having access to Whirlpool University training materials (preparing students to service the latest “smart” appliances)

2) The products donated by Whirlpool to the PAT campuses will allow students more hands-on training opportunities with the latest product technology

3) There are job placement opportunities for Co-Op or graduating students within Whirlpool Canada (as an Employee Technician) or within Whirlpool’s network of Authorized Service companies all across Canada

Industry Partnerships = Better Trades Training

Like many trades, the appliance industry is rapidly changing. Devices are becoming more computerized (WiFi enabled) and sophisticated in terms of design, function and engineering.

Trades colleges must partner with industry leaders to ensure students gain access to the latest tools and skills—and the chance to apply their knowledge on the newest product lines.

By joining forces with cutting-edge companies like Whirlpool, PAT demonstrates its commitment to excellence, providing students with the very best industry training, materials and career opportunities.

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