Lockout/Tag Out Safety

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Lockout/Tag Out is for workers and supervisors who may be required to provide maintenance or repair work on a piece of machinery/equipment. Participants will learn the importance of the need to lockout and how to help worker make educated decisions working on their equipment.

Lockout is a technique used to prevent equipment from being accidentally started and prevent stored energy from being released while an associated machine or piece of equipment is being serviced.

Typically, a padlock or any other appropriate mechanical device that physically prevents the transmission or release of energy is placed on the energy-isolating device that should be in the off or closed position. Energy isolating devices can include the following:

  • Disconnecting switches
  • Circuit breakers
  • Valve handles

A tag will also be placed together with the locking device to explain why the equipment is locked, by whom and for how long.

The Lockout/Tag Out procedures includes:

  1. Preparation for Shutdown
  2. Equipment Shutdown
  3. Equipment Isolation
  4. Application of Lockout Devices: apply lock and/or tags to all energy isolating equipment. Anything that might restore the flow of energy to the work area must be locked out
  5. Control of Stored Energy: after locking out/tagging off the equipment the stored energy must be controlled:
      1. relieving any residual energy
      2. waiting until moving parts stop
      3. relieving trapped pressure
      4. installing ground wires to discharge electrical capacitors
      5. blocking or supporting elevate equipment
  6. Verify Equipment Isolation

Training for this course can be arranged through the PAT Institute — topics covered are: how to know when lockout is required, how to lockout as a group, understanding the dangers of hazardous energy and much more! Interested participants or employees should call the PAT Institute at 1-888-501-9272 or visit www.patinstitute.ca for more information.


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  1. Its awesome. I will find here the wow factor in explaining the details. The lock out tag helps to marks the machines that are out of order. By reading the signs mentioned on it, the worker avoid to use it and thus this provide a safe atmosphere to work for an apprentice.

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