New High-tech Home Appliances: What Service Technicians Will See in the Field


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Thinking about starting appliance technician training this year? The first thing you should know is that home appliances have evolved in some pretty amazing ways over the last decade or so.

Like so many other areas of our lives, appliances have undergone incredible, high-tech transformations.

These latest breeds of dishwashers, fridges, washer/dryers and ovens are completely changing the way we think about appliances. And of course, how we install, service and repair them.

It’s an exciting time to work in this field, as global brands re-define what appliances can do, and their role in our everyday lives.

Take a glimpse into the future of home appliances. These are some of the major tech trends you’ll see during training and out in the field.

Smart Appliances: Total Control & Connectivity

Imagine a major home appliance you can control remotely, use to communicate with family, and surf the net.

You could use your fridge to order groceries, start and pause laundry from anywhere, and sync everything with a primary control panel mounted on a wall in your home.

This is exactly what Samsung has delivered with their latest line of smart home appliances.

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It’s all about having total control and connectivity, from anywhere at any time. The concept of “smart” homes is not brand new, but the technology is advancing by the minute.

Samsung’s latest line of products is pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible in this market.

For example, their newest refrigerator, called the Family Hub, has transformed a basic home appliance into a multi-functional communications unit.

This fridge has a huge built-in touch screen families can use to schedule events, order up groceries, message one another, and stream music/videos while cooking.

It even has a camera inside, so you can see what you’re low on while out shopping.

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This goes way beyond simply storing food at safe temperatures. And it presents interesting new challenges to the next generation of appliance repair technicians.

There’s more to go wrong, new troubleshooting steps, and a more complex system to contend with.

Advanced Automation: Set it & Forget it

Imagine being able to roast and bake like a chef, with little (or no) training and experience. The latest automated cooking appliances are making this dream a reality. A front runner in this category is the June Intelligent Oven.

This is a counter-top unit that is programmed to cook a wide range of foods automatically and perfectly.

From seafood to pastries to strip streak—everything comes out right. You can set it and forget it, until it’s time to eat.

In addition to 100+ automated cook programs, the June Oven has a built-in camera that can recognize your food, and cook it correctly. It’s pretty much dummy-proof.

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This unit also comes with an app you can use to track your food’s progress while in the oven.

Users can watch live video of their meal cooking, get an estimated done time, and receive a notification when everything is ready.

The latest version of the oven even has voice control for hands-free cooking. You can tell it to preheat, and check on your meal’s status, all without lifting a finger.

Does this mark the end of the traditional home oven?

Customization: Appliances That Adjust to Your Needs

Another big trend in home appliances is a movement away from the “one-size-fits-all” idea.

Not every household has the same requirements for their washer/dryer and dishwasher, for example, and we’re seeing new products that can be easily customized to suit different needs.

Take the newest line of Whirlpool dishwashers, for example. These units come with all kinds of customizable features, including:

  • advanced options to adjust for soil levels and load size
  • built-in sensors that can pick the perfect wash/dry setting for you
  • super-drying fans that ensure dishes can go straight from the dishwasher into the cupboard
  • adjustable rack options for hard-to-fit items

The sheer number of options and models shows how important customization is becoming in home appliances.

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It’s all about being able to mix-and-match features, and finding the ultimate solution for your particular needs.

We’ll definitely see more of this trend in the future, as appliance companies personalize their products even further, and add more high-tech options for flexibility and convenience.

Keeping up with all the innovations is key for anyone who wants to work in this field.

Any appliance technician training you choose must include instruction on the latest products, using the most current diagnostic and repair techniques.

For our part, we’ve partnered with Whirlpool Canada to ensure students in our appliance repair programs can work on the newest home appliance units, and develop the most in-demand technical skills.

Learn more about it here: How PAT’s New Partnership with Whirlpool Benefits Students

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