PAT’s New Gas Appliance Technician Program: Here’s What You Should Know

gas appliance technician program
Learning about the Pre-apprenticeship Training Institute’s appliance repair program

Are you looking for a trade that doesn’t require an apprenticeship, and currently has steady demand in Ontario?

Appliance repair could be your ideal solution.

Gas appliance service technicians need a gas license to work in Ontario, and must complete a quality college program to learn the skills of the trade—but apprenticeship is not mandatory for this field.

What can you expect from a comprehensive gas appliance technician program? Take a look at the new training available at the Pre-apprenticeship (PAT) Institute.

Here’s everything you should know about the program, and your career options after graduation.

How long is the Gas Appliance Technician Program?

PAT’s new gas appliance technician program includes 720 hours of training. The coursework combines hands-on practice using state-of-the-art appliances, with the theory you’ll need to safely and effectively service these units.

The program is divided into approximately 19 modules, each covering a different aspect of the gas appliance technician skillset.

This includes the kinds of gas-fired appliances you’ll be servicing, tools you’ll use on-the-job, safety training, and customer service (more on specific skills next).

Skills You’ll Learn in the Gas Appliance Technician Program

In order to become a gas appliance service technician, you’ll need comprehensive training on the units you’ll be expected to install and repair, specialized equipment for the trade, and required safety procedures.

PAT’s new program covers all the bases. Students learn how to:

  • install and service air-conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems
  • identify different types of electrical circuits, currents, conductors, and measurements (electrical fundamentals)
  • identify different kinds of refrigerants and their applications
  • explain the fundamentals of air conditioning, and the function of air conditioning compressors, condensers, metering devices, and split system equipment
  • troubleshoot common problems with air conditioners
  • identify the different types of electric heating systems, and troubleshoot common problems
  • troubleshoot problems with forced-air furnaces
  • use relevant power and hand tools (such as electrical, pipe, and general fasteners, and testing equipment)
  • safely handle propane and natural gas
  • work with different kinds of piping and tubing, including steel, copper, aluminum, and plastic
  • interpret technical manuals, schematics, charts, and graphs
  • understand the fundamentals of gas appliances, including burner and pilot designs, venting and ignition systems—and how to convert an appliance from propane to natural gas (and vice versa)

Also, gas level 3 certification training is included in this program. Once you’ve finished the courses and passed the exam, you’ll be ready to move up into a gas 2 training program.

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Gas Appliance Technician Careers

What are your career options as a gas appliance service technician? There are a number of job opportunities for students who pursue this trade. Popular paths include working for:

  • appliance dealers
  • appliance service companies
  • the service department of appliance manufacturers
  • gas and electric utility companies
  • large apartment owners
  • your own appliance service business

Students who complete PAT’s gas appliance technician program will have the skills needed to work on both residential and commercial gas-fired appliances.

They are prepared to install and repair a wide range of units, including dryers, furnaces, stoves, air-conditioning units and fireplaces.

Find out if Gas Appliance Technician Training is Right for You

If you’re wondering if this new program is a good fit for you, we recommend taking the following steps to learn more about courses, admissions, and careers.

Choose from these options to get started:

1. Click here to request free information about PAT's Gas Appliance Technician Program.Get fast, free information about admission requirements, upcoming start-dates, tuition, financial aid, and more.

2. Click here to browse the Gas Appliance Service Technician Program page.See a detailed course list, and chat live with a friendly advisor. Get all your questions answered online, and find out what to do next. We’re here to help!

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