Should You Take Construction Office Manager Training? 4 Things to Consider


With the construction industry booming in Canada, there are a growing number of job opportunities for skilled construction managers.

Have you considered this kind of career?

Construction office managers organize and direct various departments in a company, combining administrative expertise with knowledge of construction and maintenance.

This can be an ideal career path for someone with the right mix of organization, communication and leadership skills.

If you think you would do well in this role, hands-on training in a pre-apprenticeship program will provide you with all the preparation you need to get your career off to a great start.

Not quite sure? Here are four questions to consider to make sure construction office manager training is right for you.

1. Do you enjoy multi-tasking?

Office managers at construction companies are responsible for several business functions, from planning, budgeting and making cost estimates for projects, to hiring employees and filing important documents.

You would not only be involved in all these processes, but would also serve as the communication link between head office and various job sites.

This means being aware of each project’s status and relevant deadlines to keep workers on schedule, and clients well-informed.

Such multi-tasking requires great organization and time management skills, as you’re not only  budgeting your own time, but that of your company’s employees.

Arranging the necessary manpower and materials to complete projects on schedule takes an understanding of the big picture as well as the day-to-day details.

2. Do you have a good eye for detail?

The construction office manager is the gatekeeper of important electronic and paper documents, such as accounting statements, job information sheets, waivers and various notices.

Maintaining all of this paperwork and information in an accurate and orderly manner is essential.

Are you analytical, detail-oriented, and good with numbers? You’ll need those skills to ensure that records are kept accurately, especially in regards to financial accounts and cash management.

The same skillset is required for corporate and regulatory compliance, employee payments, health and safety matters, and other administrative duties.

In construction office manager training, you’ll learn how to evaluate a company’s financial position, manage payroll and bookkeeping, and create budgets for building projects.

Providing cost estimates is a specialized skill taught in a construction office program, involving the forecasting of budgets and feasibility to determine if a project should proceed.

In your Introduction to Estimating and Sketching class you’ll learn how to make estimates from sketches and schematic designs of work sites. This requires not only a good eye for detail, but also good judgment and careful analysis.

3. Do you have good communication skills?

Effective communication is a must for construction office managers. You’ll need to deliver notices to workers onsite, and maintain open lines of communication through phone calls and emails.

In fact, confusion on the job and disputes about whether work was completed correctly are usually caused by poor communication with management.

Managers need to stay on top of schedules and let clients and employees know about potential changes and backup plans, well in advance.

Conversation, writing, negotiation, and listening skills will be a major part of your role as a construction manager.

Your construction office courses will include procedures for employee training, coordination, and termination, as well as conflict resolution.

You may also be responsible for calling prospective clients and negotiating arrangements for situations such as late payments.

Another common part of the job is contacting material suppliers to arrange deliveries. All key functions that require excellent communication skills.

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4. Are you a responsible leader?

By definition, the construction office manager is responsible for managing the company office, and coordinating building projects.

Succeeding in such a central role takes a certain amount of confidence, integrity and leadership.

You’ll need to remain calm under pressure, maintain a pleasant attitude with clients, and be approachable (but firm) with co-workers.

As a leader, you’ll have to set a good example for staff, and be ready to give training and guidance to other team members.

This involves being clear and firm about job requirements, while maintaining a positive attitude that motivates staff to do their best.

Beginning your Construction Office Manager Training

Of course, these are only a few questions to ask yourself before beginning your construction office manager training.

Did you answer yes to most? As classes begin, you’ll quickly learn much more about the construction industry and your role within it—including key skills like:

  • managerial finance
  • human relations management
  • marketing development
  • organizational strategy
  • estimating and sketching
  • occupational health and safety

Next Steps

Find out if you’re a good fit for the Construction Office Manager program. Click below to explore the training. Request free information and book a personal advising appointment at the campus.

An Admissions Advisor can walk you through tuition costs, financial aid options, class schedules, career options, and much more. Get started today!

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