Top 5 Reasons to Start Plumber Training in 2020


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Plumbing students pose for a photo at Herzing College Skilled Trades Training (formerly known as the PAT Institute)

Been considering taking plumber training for a while, and wondering if this is the year you should take the leap?

Beginning a new career path is challenging for many people, especially if it involves going back to school. Will the effort be worth it? Will the investment in plumber training pay off with reliable, rewarding work after graduation?

These are some of the questions we tackle in this post, as we break down what we consider the top 5 reasons to seize the day, and start a plumber program in 2020.

1. Plumber is a Highly Valued & Respected Trade

We need clean water to survive. Effective plumbing is the foundation of modern cities, and an essential requirement of every home, office, and public building. Imagine trying to go a single day without access to safe drinking water, or the conveniences of indoor plumbing?

Skilled plumbers are highly valued and well-respected for the indispensable services they provide. During times of emergency, or simply for routine maintenance and repairs, most people would agree that a reliable plumber is worth his/her weight in gold!

2. Plumbing Pre-apprenticeship Training is Quick to Complete

Looking for a fast training path to a stable career? Compared to traditional college diplomas and university degrees, plumber training is very quick to complete.

You can finish a plumber foundation program in just 36 weeks. After training, you’ll be qualified to pursue an apprenticeship, where you will earn money while continuing to build your skills.

Once you complete your apprenticeship, the Ontario College of Trades will issue you a Certificate of Qualification (C of Q), and you can take the exam to become a certified, registered journeyperson.

3. Positive Career Outlook for Plumbers in Ontario

If you’re considering plumber training, you are probably wondering about employment opportunities and long-term career stability for this field.

While there are a fair number of plumbers in Ontario, the latest numbers from the Canada Job Bank show the outlook is still very positive for the trade across the province.

The Job Bank awarded “plumber” a 2/3 star-rating for job opportunities, which is expected to hold for the next several years. The research says:

Employment of plumbers has been relatively stable in Ontario over the last decade…and the demand for plumbers will likely remain healthy over the next few years

What’s driving the positive career outlook for plumbers? Mainly construction development, but also infrastructure investment in water treatment plants and city piping systems.

Additional sources of work for plumbers over the next several years will include:

  • new large-scale transit projects that will require plumbers to install pipes and fixtures at stations, terminals and related facilities
  • new residential condominium projects that are planned for Ontario’s city centers
  • growing demand for higher-efficiency plumbing and waste-water systems in residential, commercial buildings, and public schools
  • steady demand for maintenance and repair work within the residential market

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4. This Field is Rapidly Evolving with Fascinating New Technology

Demand for higher-tech plumbing fixtures and more eco-friendly plumbing systems is driving some very interesting developments in this field.

There is a flood of new devices coming to market, and plenty of opportunities for plumbers to upgrade their skills and services with innovative new technology.

Examples include “touchless” plumbing fixtures that work with sensors, and smartphone-controlled piping systems with integrated leak-alert technology.

Waste-water recycling is another huge trend, with plumbers designing custom systems for reusing “gently used” water through the home and garden. Truly fascinating stuff.

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5. Plumber Training Opens up a Range of Career Options

Think you might want to become your own boss one day, and start up a plumbing business? Considering specializing in commercial or industrial plumbing?

Drawn to residential work, where you’ll get to build long-term relationships with clients in your community?

There are many career options available to you after plumber training. You’ll have the chance to try several different fields as you gain experience, and perhaps choose to specialize in a particular niche as you advance in your career.

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Plumbing is about much more than fixing blocked toilets and leaky pipes! There’s a whole universe of applications, technologies, and opportunities out there for new plumbers.

Take your first step, and learn more about respected Ontario plumber programs today.

Explore the Plumber Training available at Herzing College Skilled Trades Training (formerly called the PAT Institute). This program includes Gas Technician 3 training, which gives students a big advantage on the job market.

Click below to see a detailed list of plumbing courses, admission information, career options, or to chat live with a friendly advisor. We’re here to help!

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