Gas Technician 2


  • Piping and Tubing Systems for Industrial and Commercial Applications
  • Basic Electricity for Gas Fired Equipment
  • Controls
  • The Building as a System
  • Domestic Appliances
  • Pressure Regulators, Overpressure Protection, Meters and Fuel Containers
  • Domestic Gas-Fired Refrigerators
  • Conversion Burners
  • Water Heaters and Combustion Systems
  • Forced Warm Air Heating Systems
  • Hydronic Heating Systems
  • Space Heaters and Decorative Appliances
  • Venting Practices
  • Forced Air Add On Devices
  • Air Handling


  • Minimum of a Canadian high school grade 12 or equivalent, or a mature student
  • Pass an entrance test administrated by PAT
  • Be interviewed in detail regarding interest in the field
  • Meet any additional program specific entrance requirements

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