Gas Technician 3 Training

This program is offered at the Toronto campus.
*Evening classes are available
Upcoming Start Date: 
February 18, 2020 (Toronto)

A person who is the holder of a Gas 3 certificate may, under the general supervision of a person who is the holder of a Gas 1, Gas 2 or Domestic Appliance certificate, carry out the following functions on a propane or natural gas appliance that falls within the scope of the supervising certificate, but only if that person has demonstrated the essential skills required to perform such work and has had that experience documented and signed off by the supervising certificate holder in a form set out and published by the director:

  • Install, test, activate or purge gas piping or tubing that is less than two and one-half inches in diameter or a component in a piping or tubing system to an appliance downstream of a natural gas meter or propane service valve up to an appliance control valve including the completion of the pressure test tag.
  • Reactivate a previously installed or converted appliance
  • Clean and lubricate an appliance
  • Clean, remove or replace a vent connector, venting or draft control device

A person who is referred to above shall not perform the initial activation of a new appliance or newly converted appliance.

The Gas Technician 3 program is the starting point for technicians in the gas field. If a technician has little or no prior experience in the gas industry, this program is the best place to begin. This unique 12 week program combines academic study with supervised workshop hands on experience.Graduates of this program are eligible to write the TSSA Gas Technician Certification Examination.

Students who complete our course will receive theory instruction together with the hands-on training methodology taught by highly trained instructors. Areas of study include; safety, fasteners, hand tools and power tools, properties, characteristics and safe handling of fuel gases, installation codes, acts, regulations, introduction to electricity and technical manuals, specifications, schematics and drawing codes.

Program length: 12 weeks

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