Heating and Ventilation and Advanced Gas Technician Diploma Program

This program is offered at the Toronto and Cambridge campus.

Upcoming Start Dates: March 16 (Toronto) March 23 (Cambridge)

Students who complete our Heating and Ventilation and Advanced Gas Technician Pre-Apprenticeship diploma program have the advantage of diversifying their skills into two relevant areas of training. Students are trained in HVAC, Gas 3 and Gas 2.

On the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning component of the program, refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics install, maintain, repair and overhaul residential central air conditioning systems, commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems and combined heating, ventilation and cooling systems.

The Gas Technician 3 component of the combined program is the starting point for technicians in the gas field. Gas Technician 3 is a mandatory, entry-level certification which must be completed by anyone wanting to work as a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic. Graduates of this program are eligible to write the Authority Gas Technician Certification Examination.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics who are also a holder of the Gas Technician 3 certification can carry out the following functions under supervision on appliances up to and including 400, 000 British Thermal Units per Hour (BTUH): install, test, activate or purge gas piping or tubing that is less than two and one half inches in diameter or a component in a piping or tubing system to an appliance downstream or a natural gas meter or propane service valve up to an appliance control valve. They may also reactivate a previously installed or converted appliance, clean and lubricate an appliance, or clean, remove or replace a vent connector, venting or a draft control device. Areas of study include; safety, HVAC electrical, HVAC heating and air condition systems and piping methods.

The Gas Technician 2 program is a continuation of the Gas Technician 3 modules, plus additional training on specific gas fired equipment. Gas Technician 2 certification requires successful completion of modules 10-24. These are prerequisites for future certification training. The Gas Technician 2 certificate can be renewed and allows technicians to work unsupervised on appliances. They may install, inspect, alter, purge, activate, repair, service or remove a natural gas or propane appliance that has an input of 400,000 BTUH or less and the equipment and accessories essential to its operation.

Program length: 52 weeks


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