Why Now is a Great Time To Pursue Construction Trades Training

Male Plumber Working On Central Heating Boiler

Canada’s construction industry is booming like never before. The current forecast shows a record number of major new projects across the country in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. The combination of industry expansion and a growing number of baby boomers in the construction world approaching retirement has created a high demand for skilled trade workers. This is a great example of healthy economic growth for our country, and a labour market that’s not showing signs of slowing down any time soon.

If you’re considering training in the construction trades, you’ve definitely picked the right time. Aside from becoming an important part of a growing industry, let’s take a look at more reasons why now’s a great time to start training in the construction trades.

There’s a Variety of Exciting Career Opportunities Available

Canada’s construction industry demand for workers doesn’t only apply to new projects – there’s a need for skilled trades workers in renovations as well. This means that with trades training you could choose to work for smaller local construction firms, large developers, or even launch your own business.

Thinking about pursuing a combined plumber + gas technician program? You’ll have all the more career options once you graduate. A report by the Construction Sector Council (CSC) states that the Canadian construction industry will need 319,000 new workers by 2020, so you’ll have plenty of room to choose where you’ll want to apply your skills. You’ll be able to apply your skill set to new installations, maintenance jobs, renovation projects and more, and PAT’s advisors will be able to help you choose a career path that best suits you.

Canadian Construction Jobs Offer Excellent Job Security

Some people choose to pursue construction careers because their current jobs don’t offer much security. Whether or not this sounds like your situation, Canadian construction jobs offer job security like no other industry. Many construction firms are unionized, protecting workers from the layoffs that affect other sectors.

everyone needs a plumber
Whether you want to do installations in new buildings or work in home renovations – everyone needs a plumber!

With plumber and gas technician training, you also place yourself in a position where you’ll have skills that people can never do without. Sinks will always get clogged, appliance gas mains will always require maintenance, and new furnaces will always require the assistance of professionals to install. When you think of these as well as the many other applications of where your skills will come in handy, you get the idea of how your construction trades training will always be required.

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